Started by VK5OG, Dec 17, 2023, 07:28 PM

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Hi all at SCARC we have two YSF reflectors #89831 linked to RDF2m  which is stand alone and not linked to a repeater which is great for contact from HotSpot to HotSpot or OpenSpot, our 2nd YSF reflector #69159 is linked to the WIRESX room Adelaide 10G #69159 also linked to our clubs C4FM repeater at Willunga Hill Vk5RSV 439.825 -5 offset, so know matter where you are in Australia or the world you can get back to our clubs 70cms C4FM Repeater, we are very thankful to KernWi-Fi for hosting these reflectors and WIRESX room for all amateur operators to use.
Don't forget every Sunday morning 9am and night 19:00 Adelaide time SCARC host the WIA National and local news.
Hope to catch you on the air.
73s Nathan VK5DAD on behalf or SCARC Committee.
Love radio all modes.
Nathan VK5OG