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Started by VK5KKS, Dec 30, 2023, 02:48 PM

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So, I downloaded MMSSTV version 1.13 onto the Windoze 7 laptop. Managed to receive a few pictures on 14.230mhz. I've been calling CQ on 145.625Hmz because I am under the impression that is the SSTV frequency on two meters. No replies. Is SSTV dead? The beauty of SSTV is that it's so easy to set up. Gee, I haven't even got cables running between the computer and the radio (yet). Just plugged a mic into the laptop and put it near the radio speaker to receive pictures, then place the radio mic near the laptop speakers to send a picture. So girls, let's hear more SSTV warbling sounds.


For more info on SSTV, checkout the Australian SSTV Facebook group. Plenty of good info there.
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Hi Kevin,

Not sure about the 2m simplex freq for SSTV being 145.625Mhz as the WIA Band Plan dated Sept 2020 has 145.100 as being the allocated freq. See below screenshot of Bandplan with the highlighted area.

I'm keen to get in and have a play with simplex SSTV on VHF or UHF if others are keen to have a go.

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You may also care to try Easypal.

Frequencies used are 7.058 and 7.214

Jack  vk5kva


have a listen on 7171 LSB for SSTV also it can be quite active.