WICEN SA News for 4th February 2024.

Started by VK5ZAR, Feb 03, 2024, 07:56 PM

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WICEN SA News for 4th February 2024.
This is the transcript from the WICEN SA news segment broadcast on the VK5 Sunday broadcast on 4th February 2024
Last Saturday the 27th of January the WICEN S.A. Social Get Together was held and the guest speaker on the day was Mr Ian Northeast VK5CZ who made the trip down from the Clare Valley to provide a presentation and practical hands-on demonstration with transceivers on using the Digital Format of JS8 to send digital text messages etc. Utilizing Analogue Transceivers.
His presentation was well received by all who attended on the day and the Committee of WICEN S.A.  wish to thank Ian VK5CZ for his presentation and the work that he put into it prior to the meeting.

Following on from that a WICEN S.A. Digital Format Working group has been formed by members on the day to advise and develop Digital Messaging Modes that might be suitable to enhance our capabilities in the field for WICEN S.A.

The Digital Format working group is being Championed by Mr Stef Daniels VK5HSX who brings over 2 decades of knowledge and skills to the team and the WICEN S.A. Committee is excited by the formation of this team.

A reminder to not forget tonight Sunday 04th February the WICEN S.A. Net will be held at 20:00hrs Local time utilizing the Adelaide Linked Repeater Network and we look forward to chatting with you on this net next tonight Sunday 04th February 2024.
You do not have to be a WICEN S.A. Member or Volunteer to participate in this net and all licensed amateurs, no matter what your license level are welcome to participate in this net, which is chaired by the Tony VK5FBIC, so don't be afraid of pushing that PTT Button and come up for a chat, as I said everyone is warmly welcomed to participate in the WICEN S.A. Local Net on the Adelaide Linked Repeater Network.

We are also seeking expressions and registrations of interest for Ham Radio Operator Volunteers to assist with a up and coming event of the Shannon's Rally of the Heartland around Burra and Surrounds. 26-28th of April 2024
What a great way to spend a social weekend with fellow amateur radio operators and to put your skills and equipment to good use.
You can register for this event by registering online via the internet for the Shannon's Rally of the Heartland and register as a WICEN Volunteer, you can find the webpage by just typing the title into Google.
You can also register contacting the President of WICEN S.A. via the contacts links of the WICEN S.A. Webpage, just Google us or check WICEN S.A. out on Facebook.

This has been David VK5LSB and on behalf of the WICEN S.A. Committee saying thank you for listening and looking forward to volunteering alongside of you all at the next event or chatting to you on the WICEN Net tonight Sunday 04th February on the Adelaide Linked Repeater Network at 20:00 hrs local time, 73.


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