WICEN JS8CALL Setup & Test

Started by VK5HSX, Feb 28, 2024, 01:36 PM

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Hi All,

Are you a member of WICEN?  Are you wanting to test/setup your JS8CALL system and practise with others on 80m Sun night??

If so, on Sun 3rd March WICEN SA Digital Comms Group will be holding session to help those in need of getting on-air with JS8CALL from approx 2000hrs local time.

Check-in to the WICEN Net this Sun (on Linked Repeater Network) for more info and then join us with a Zoom and voice session where we can help each other setup our systems and learn functions of software and mode.

Thanks to Ian VK5CZ, who will be taking this Digital session and look forward to seeing you there on the night.

For more info see WICEN SA Facebook Group, or contact the Secretary.

WICEN SA - Digital Comms Group