Give away 2x 10m antenna towers

Started by VK5TM, Mar 22, 2024, 08:01 AM

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This is a preliminary post to see if there is any interest.

I have 2 x 10m freestanding towers - the type typically seen throughout regional SA for TV reception - free to anyone who wants one (or both).

They are single section and would need to be cut in to sections to go on a trailer.

One is on the ground and one needs to be brought down - health means they are no longer usable or movable by me.

You will need to fabricate the in ground mounting section to re-erect them

If there is any interest, I can take a pic or two and post, else they will be cut up and sent off for scrap around the end of April.

Terry VK5TM


Pretty sad that no one wants these towers. Council regs play a big part in these not being wanted anymore.


Yep, one of the advantages of being out in the country, these things are everywhere.

Just waiting on some more cutting discs to arrive so they can be dissected.

VK5 Forum

Hi Terry

I might have found a taker for the towers if they are still available?


Still available (the cutting disc's aren't due for a couple of days yet  ;D )

I'll get some pics of the standing tower later today so they have an idea of where/how to get it down.


Couple of pics of where the standing tower is down the side of the house (the junk will be cleaned up), it has to be dropped towards the road.

There is a power line that will need to be avoided on the left of the tower.

Also a pic of the other tower on the ground.

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