MFJ closing its doors

Started by VK5MCH, Apr 27, 2024, 11:19 AM

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Sad news from the world of internet, MFJ is closing down.

It seems like many businesses never got over the COVID thingy.

Buy now while there is still stock. Who knows maybe this last run on stock may kick the company back into life.



Makes you wander what will happen to all the other brands MFJ acquired over the years, there doesn't, at this point, seem to be anyone willing to take over/buy out some or any of it.

Martins letter indicates that at 80, he now wants to spend time with his family


My friend Luca Clary in Italy, he works for MFJ. He didn't even know that MFJ were closing down until I told him. Needless to say he was shocked.

He has written to Martin but as of today, 2 days later he still has no reply.

Very sad.